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The insights and practices in this e-book if applied are life changing, HIGHLY EFFECTIVE in every realm that you choose to apply them to, not just your career.


If there is a ‘secret’ to surviving the massive changes caused by COVID-19 and getting on with making the most of circumstances, and of yourself, then this is the closest thing for taking back control for 2021 and beyond.

The title of the book sums it up.

Stay as you are (caterpillar) or start the achievable quest to be the best version of yourself humanely possible (butterfly).

The content is a refreshing mix of potent information, often overlooked knowledge, along with actual first-hand experiences all mixed into a method of building your own GPS to create and manifest your best-self strengths in all things, anywhere.


e-Book AUD $14.50



Caterpillar To Butterfly

You can unlock your full ‘genetic and life-performance potential’. It starts at the very core of your being. A caterpillar can’t be a...

Know Thy Self

Striving to survive is not merely something that you do in addition to other activities you might happen to undertake. Rather, surviving...

Self -Awareness

A pivotal condition to ‘Know Thyself’ is WAKING UP TO WHO YOU REALLY ARE. This involves a constant state of SELF-AWARENESS....



"Stuck in autopilot but not happy with the destination?

This book will guide you through the transformation to

a new level of self-awareness and conscious outcomes."

Amber Moncrieff

Director and Co-founder

Hunter Plastic Surgery - Gold 2020 Stevie Winner

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