Know Thy Self

Striving to survive is not merely something that you do in addition to other activities you might happen to undertake.

Rather, surviving is the ACTUAL ESSENCE OF YOU.

You have more technological expertise and devices at your fingertips than in any other time of history.

But not the one inner technology you need the most.

Summed up simply as your ‘best-self leadership’.

Various science specialists, professors, health and self-care professionals, business leaders and a Holocaust survivor kept raising a key skill necessary to survive and thrive in today’s world.

That skill is:

  • Your ability to see deeply into your true ‘Self’.

Accessed through action and calibrated through self-reflection.

We are transforming from one state of thinking, which has been the modus operandi pretty much since the late eighteenth century onward, into a more innovative one readying us for the next steps.

In private lives and professional careers, each of us faces the prospect of rewriting the history books of our lives and creating new scenarios for the future.

We must choose either ‘anticipated death’ or ‘adventurous living’ as our ruling philosophy.

The pioneer always chose the latter.

There is no in-between; it’s either one or the other.

Caterpillar or butterfly.

Your choice.

This is in part the journey of ‘self-discovery’ for each of us.

And the ‘Self’ is one frontier most have never cared to visit.

Perhaps because it is too hard, needs self-discipline.

It’s a place where the human spirit is directed towards a deep inward mystery where even more uncertainties exist.

But most people will remain landlocked in their current state of caterpillar.

Locked away watching a closed, spinning globe of concerns such as politics, economics, self-interests.

But with little interest in their true self.

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