We collectively bring tried and tested first-hand knowledge from the elite high-performance arena involving various world champions, elite athletes and corporate athletes, martial arts, educational, corporate and sporting organisations.

We provide a set of physiological, neuro-psychological, life-performance, and martial arts principles that systematically unlock your mind, body, and spirit.


Keith Saggers

Communications Specialist

A multi-skilled communications specialist, secondary and tertiary educator (BA and Dip. Ed), life-performance facilitator.

Worked closely with a former Olympic, World and Commonwealth elite athlete on a successful gold medal comeback. Keith has been involved in various physical culture, health, fitness and martial art disciplines and liaised with special operatives.

Creator and Facilitator of the ‘Core System’ Self-Mastery program. Founder of a senior high school youth-at-risk program ‘Spirit of YOUth’ for disadvantaged teenagers that encompassed various self-development, self-knowledge activities based on an original ‘See-Your-Self’ syllabus. 

Former proprietor of Inner City Systema – Russian Martial Art school. Co-creator and co-producer of children’s animation TV series The Flamin’ Thongs - winner of the 2015 AACTA Award for Best Children’s TV series (ABC channel ME). Along with winning several international children’s TV awards.

Returned in 2020 from the USA after undertaking research and development focussed on ascendency of life-performance, best-self leadership, mental wellness and psychological well-being.

From an early age to now I have made my life and times an adventure (sometimes by design other times by default); a family trait informed by a pioneer and entrepreneur heritage.


And naturally I have encountered trials and tribulations along with choices and decisions that swung between negative and positive.


But I always viewed each one of them as containing a seed of growth within them.


My very early quest to discover what makes a person the best that they can be began from a young age with my twin sister Lyn.


We were country kids from a small farming community and township in Western Australia. It comprised of a very dynamic mix of society identified as a multicultural and indigenous community.


And my grandfather would tell stories of his life as a youth droving cattle from the East to the West Coast of Australia.


Life lessons learnt from him at an early age have taken me on my own life long research and development journey into mind, body, spirit, mental wellness, psychological well-being initiatives and best-self, life-performance coaching programs.


All this within the broader context of humanity and our collective need for a better, healthier more self-(em)powered society within a person-centred approach.


Ray Alam

Neuroscience Researcher

A behavioural change specialist, content creator, neuroscience researcher and practitioner.


A former NRL player.


A Bachelor and a Master of Health Science with ongoing doctoral research.


Studies extend to how the mind functions and its relationship with human behaviour and sustainable peak performance.


Creator of a suite of neuroscience backed courses for his company Cintex Consulting.


Trained people across the business spectrum from multinational corporations to government departments and NGO’s.


Founder and CEO of Teach In A Box, a global online marketplace for teachers to buy, sell and share educational resources.


Co-founder of Yarnnup, an organisation developing courses to build cultural capability by blending neuroscience, Aboriginal philosophy, and ancient knowledge to improve engagement between the wider community and Indigenous Australians.


Ray has worked extensively in Aboriginal affairs positively impacting communities across Australia.

Growing up I was often referred to as ”the little man”. I was recognised as a mature deep thinker, always contemplating, thinking about the world, and fascinated by why things are the way they are.


I was seeking answers to questions that should be reserved for people of a mature age.


To compound this, I grew up with much older siblings, so I was influenced by individuals with much more life experience.


From early on, I had my opinions, I would generate my own conclusions and was never persuaded by the opinions of the crowd. This led to an independent career from quite early in my professional life.


Certain situations that were out of my control led to times when that independence had to take a back seat for the greater good and provided a great learning curve in humility and patience.


An unwillingness to give up and ongoing pursuit of my goals no matter the circumstances has led to many highs (even lows) and many challenges.


Each was an opportunity to grow along the way, with triumphs and failures building my character for self-growth.


This would eventually compliment my studies and lead to my current career path in the personal and professional development space.